"Homosexual Marriage" in America

Today, June 26th, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that "same-sex marriage" is a constitutional right.  Although the decision is by no means surprising, the swiftness and the completeness with which the Court delivered such a decision took the whole nation by surprise.

You may find these resources helpful:

Albert Mohler - The Briefing
Good for understanding the actual court's ruling, with particularly shocking quotes from both the majority and dissenting view.  Mohler also does a good job of looking down the tunnel of time and warning Christians to brace for the impact.

Desiring God - So-Called Same-Sex Marriage
Piper does what he does so well - combining uncompromising truth with a broken-hearted love.  We must learn to speak like this, in bold compassion and mournful proclamation of the truth.

The Cripple Gate - Anchoring in God's Word
This is a good ballast to those  who may be in the throes of fear, anger, and despair.  These biblical truths will bring biblical Christians back to stand upon the Lord our Rock.

The Master's Seminary - A Biblical Response to Homosexuality
For those who are interested in the more biblically technical reasons why Christians believe that homosexuality is sin and rebellion.  TMS has six articles from their Journal that systematically take out every argument against this biblical doctrine.

You may also find my Evernote notebook useful.  Search for the tag "homosexuality."